Over the years women have been underrepresented in Canada’s construction industry. In 2019, 13.3% of women were employed in the industry, both on and off job sites.1 We celebrate Women in Construction Week to acknowledge, educate and promote the role of women in the construction industry.


Bachly women employees in honor of Women in Construction Week

Pictured (left to right): Cindy Jones, Alana Ingwersen, Aidelle Garcia, Tavian Linton, Rana Davalou, Olivia Zaroski, and Amanda Triumbari

Though women are outnumbered in the industry, the rise of women employed in construction has been slowly increasing. In 2019, 5,400 more women entered the construction industry compared to 2018.2 Women working directly on construction projects have increased by almost 1 percent and stand at 4.7% in 2019 compared to 3.8% in 2018.3


Women are better represented in administrative roles and other off-site positions. 41% of women were employed in off-site construction jobs in 2019. However, women are overall still outnumbered across the industry. In Canada, there is a momentum to add more women into the field in the next decade. From the government to industry leaders to trade groups and more, we can all do our part to ensure equal opportunities for women in construction.


We believe in creating equal opportunities within the industry. From administrative to on-site roles, we at Bachly are proud to have a roster of amazing women working on our team over the years.


Take a peek into the tenacious women employed at Bachly.



Angela Metcalf, Restoration Worker

Nadia Benvenuto, Commercial Project Administrator



Evelyn Marin, Restoration Supervisor

Alana Ingwersen, Administrative Assistant

Rana Davalou, Commercial Tenant Coordinator

Brittany Lee, Restoration Worker

Lisa Matteer, Calgary Project Coordinator, Insurance/Restoration

Amanda Triumbari, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator

Kerri Harrison, Project Administrator, Custom Homes & Cottages

Ashley Gallant, Calgary Project Manager, Insurance/Restoration

Olivia Zaroski, Human Resources Generalist



Jana Shneider, Project Manager, Tenant Construction

Brittany Hewlin, National Programs Coordinator

Sabrina Tarasca, Restoration Worker



Amy Rosenberger, Restoration Worker

Jody Jordan, Restoration Supervisor

Rhea Chabot, Coordinator Administrator



Margaret Cole-Fitzpatrick, Restoration Worker



Laura Luongo, National Programs Administrator



Chelsea Hayley, Administrative Assistant, Commercial



Patrizia Garson, Restoration Worker



Meaghan Bachly, Human Resources Manager



Joanne Lee, Restoration Supervisor



Tavian Linton, Administrative Assistant



Patricia Grainger, Production Manager

Pamela Boyce, Estimator



Dalia Furtado, Restoration Supervisor



Giuliana Orofiamma, Senior Restoration Supervisor



Tammy McMeekin, Senior Project Administrator, Commercial



Cindy Jones, Office Manager




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