Throughout the course of the winter, a combination of snow, ice and cold temperatures can create problems in certain areas of your home. With the winter thaw and added moisture from spring, water damage is one of the biggest issues home owners face during this time of year. 

Summer months are a risk for added water damage as massive storms are a cause for flooding in the home. This is why it is important to take preventative measures to maintain your home from further damages. From roofs and gutters, the barbeque grill, to your HVAC unit and doors, it’s essential to perform maintenance before summer begins. Below is a list of tips to prepare your home for summer.



Front Door Fixer Upper

Due to a change in temperatures, it is crucial to probe weather stripping around your door and tighten/caulk any post-winter gaps. This will aid to prevent heat and moisture coming into your home.

Photo of a front door, to highlight the importance of checking your front door to help prepare your home for summer.


Gutter Clean

You will want to ensure you clean your gutters of leaves and added debris so it does not clog the gutter during heavy rainfall. After cleaning, ensure you check your gutters during the first rainfall to look for breaks or leaks in the gutter or downspouts.


A photo of a home's exterior, focusing on the roof and gutters, as this is an important step to take in preparing your home for summer.

Roof Inspections

Observe your roof and keep an eye out for any curling, cracked or missing shingles. If this goes untreated you may begin to experience leaks over time. If you see any damages, be sure to contact a local roofer to assess. Check out our blog on Roof Leaks to learn about the signs of a leaky roof. 

Summer is Barbeque Season

Comparison between a clean and dirty barbeque. One of the steps to take when preparing your home for summerAfter a long winter, it is essential to prep your grill for those hot summer days. Begin by heating your barbeque for 10 minutes at a high temperature; this makes it easier to scrape off any residue inside. Before removing and washing the grills, burners and drip tray, disconnect the gas or propane line and let it cool. You can wash these elements using warm water and soap. Be sure to wipe down your barbeques exterior before putting it back together.

Pro Tip: To check the propane level, feel the outside of the tank. The area with fuel will be cooler than the empty portion.

Foundation Check

With summer comes heat and heavy rains. Ensure you check your home’s foundation by looking for crack and/or holes and seal accordingly. More specifically you will want to check over your basement. Placing grates outside your house aids in directing water away from the foundation. If the dirt you currently have has settled around your house, water will start running toward your house. As a general rule, a grate of one-inch-per-foot will ensure proper water runoff.


A picture of a basement, with a cracked foundation. This highlights the importance of checking the interior and exterior foundation of the home (especially the basement) for any cracks that arose from the winter months.