This month we are shining our team member spotlight on Cameron Snoddon. Cameron has been with Bachly for 20 years and is the Executive Vice President within our Restoration Division.


Cameron began his Bachly career working as a water technician during the holidays and summers. After developing further knowledge of the business and construction world, Cameron proved his skills and advanced his career to an estimator, estimator manager, vice president and finally an executive vice president.

Pictured is Cameron Snodden, the Executive Vice President of our Restoration Division and the team spotlight feature.

As the Executive Vice President, Cameron is responsible for managing and assisting our employees within the restoration division. To succeed in this role, you have to be a good listener, communicator and leader (three traits Cameron exudes on a daily basis). The ability to listen to team members and clients while absorbing and adapting that feedback to future training sessions and in everyday operations is key to team development. The team needs to respect your opinions to be a successful leader. In this role Cameron especially loves the diversity of everyday changes and challenges. You can start the day off with a plan and that could change at any time with a new loss or challenge presented.


With over 20 years under his belt, Cameron has had many proud moments, but the most unforgettable one is the Catastrophe Loss of 2013. At this time Bachly took on over a 1000 insurance claims. It was interesting keeping up with the everyday challenges and rewarding when he took a step back and looked at what was accomplished by the team.


“The team at Bachly are all rock stars! We could not be successful without the team we have in place and the dedication and commitment they have to the company is second to none.” – Cameron Snoddon, Executive Vice President.