Damaged Walls

If you come across any stained, soggy or damaged walls the cause is likely an internal leak. If the wall proceeds to bubble or crumble then there is definitely a leak within the walls of your home

If any paint is chipping in an area that is unusual it is likely due to moisture getting trapped between that wall and the paint. This will eventually cause the paint to chip away and fall off

The same rule of thumb goes for wallpaper. If any paper is peeling off or looks soggy, the issue is most likely a leak from a pipe in the surrounding area

If mold or mildew begin to appear on walls a leak is often the cause. The moisture from a leaking pipe behind a wall creates an ideal climate for mold and mildew to grow quickly.


Sky Rocketing Water Bills

Water bills do tend to fluctuate in cost month to month depending on usage and season. However, if a water bill is extraordinarily higher than the average month it is definitely something to look into. You could have a hidden leak that is in an area of your home that is not easily accessible.

You should always be keeping track of your water bills, but if you are not, it is good to start now. A more helpful way of comparing water bills to see if it is higher than normal is to go back to the bill from the previous year for the same month. If there is a significant difference in them, call your plumber and have it checked out.


A Musty Smell That Won’t Go Away

When water is being collected in wall or floors it begins to create a musty smell that is omitted consistently. If a room or area of you home begins to smell musty on a regular basis call your plumber

The smell of stale water will not dissipate even if you are cleaning the area constantly. If an area of your home that does not normally have a stronger musty scent to it continues even after cleaning, there is likely a broken pipe or small leak in that spot.

Bathroom and basements are harder to detect because of they often always have a mustier smell that other rooms of the home. However, it is always best to be sure and call a plumber to investigate to ensure mold growth does not begin.


Damaged Roof/Shingles or Ceiling

Ceiling or roof spots are a sure sign that you have a hidden leak in your home. These stains will often emerge around things like chimney’s or roof vents. The issue with these stains is that if they travel through rafters or the frame of your house, they could show up in areas where the leak hasn’t originated so be cautious of any/all ceiling stains

Curling shingles are a sure sign that water absorption is occurring underneath the shingles. If ceiling stains have not shown up that doesn’t necessarily mean you do not have a leak. The curling of the shingles could also be caused by an abundance of hot air in an attic. In this case you will need to get your roof fixed so water absorption does not proceed as well as install proper ventilation in your attic.

If your roof is missing any shingles from high winds or storm damage you should replace them immediately. Once a shingle is damaged or missing, your open is vulnerable to roof and ceiling leaks.