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Restoring Your Future

SINCE 1962 BACHLY CONSTRUCTION has helped clients restore their homes. As a family owned business,our priority is to put families first. Over the years, we’ve grown significantly, expanding into luxury home,cottage, commercial,industrial and institutional construction,but we’ve always stayed close to our roots in the restoration of residential properties.

Our years of experience responding to all types of property loss have assured our expertise. We’ve walked countless families through the challenging initial days,helping them restore and,in the case of catastrophic loss,completely rebuild their homes. It’s our job to return your home to its pre-loss condition or better so that,as quickly as possible,your family can return home.

Trust, Transparency & Top Quality

At the heart of every restoration project is a manager dedicated to ensuring every step of the restoration process is completed on time and on budget. Our project managers follow a two-stage restoration process that’s designed to keep the homeowner informed and deliver the highest level of service to all of our clients on every project we execute.

We assign a dedicated project manager to each project. Their job is to prioritize open and consistent communication so that any questions or concerns you have are responded to as they occur. They ensure our company-wide commitment to transparency regarding budgets and scheduling is met on every project.

We have developed and follow a very specific set of internal protocols that guarantee constant communication with all involved parties, and ensure time frames are met In every project.

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Building on Experience

EVERY RESTORATION PROJECT begins in misfortune, but Bachly Construction’s Restoration division has the experience and resources to restore your home,as well as provide an opportunity to upgrade. As a restoration company that also builds custom homes our certified restorers and highly skilled trades have the expert skills and knowledge to ensure that every project – no matter its complexity – is executed to Bachly Construction’s exacting standards.

Our company’s multiple construction divisions provide access to the best possible quality of workmanship and materials. Our commercial construction and luxury home divisions mean that we can draw on a large pool of highly skilled tradespeople with whom we have long-standing relationships.

Restoring Luxury

BACHLY CONSTRUCTION also specializes in the restoration of prestige properties.Our experience as a builder of luxury homes ensures the needs of clients with high-net-worth homes are met. we provide:

access to the full range of luxury materials
expertise in working with high-end finishes
highly skilled trades who work only rn this niche market
project managers specialize in assisting this particular group of policy holders

Condominium Specialists

AS A LARGE, multi-division company, Bachly Construction has the resources to restore condominiums and apartments. Our experience working with multiple stakeholders (owners, property managers, insurers) has enabled us to streamline the restoration process and reduce the stress that can arise in complex claims. Our restoration personnel:

with property management to ensure common finishes are protected during restoration of individual units
adhere to regulations regarding restricted work hours
strictly follow all property and noise reduction guidelines
are aware of and adhere to condominium regulations regarding changes to specific finishes
strictly observe condominium rules regarding disposal of materials

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