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ONE OF BACHLY CONSTRUCTION’S strengths is our size and scale, which enables us to offer national coverage at consistent, competitive pricing. Our extensive resources and multiple divisions allow us to specialize in complex losses to industrial, commercial, institutional, office and multi-unit properties. Whether it’s minor water damage in a retail setting or catastrophic loss, such as a warehouse fire, we respond immediately to mitigate further loss.

Our extensive fleet of equipment and highly trained personnel, including estimators, coordinators, project managers and expert trade base, rapidly mobilize to the loss site. BACHLY CONSTRUCTION’S project managers and skilled trade base specialize in commercial and office restoration. Our access to resources from multiple divisions, such as utilizing experienced site supervisors from our Commercial Construction division, ensures you get the best service possible.

The Importance of Time

FROM THE FIRST NOTIFICATION of a loss, the client’s goal becomes our goal: to reduce business interruption and restore all elements to pre-loss condition. We respond to emergencies within an hour, and practice specific loss procedures and protocols to mitigate damage and initiate recovery.

Our personnel on the front lines deliver the highest level of customer service. Behind the scenes, we focus on product innovation and technologies to best serve our clients. Every loss situation is unique and complex; we do our due diligence to be prepared.

Protect Your Investment

BACHLY CONSTRUCTION’S protocols and operational policies ensure every aspect of a complex loss is anticipated in advance. Prevention is key to protecting your business from property loss. Partnering with Bachly Construction’s Restoration Division ensures your company has taken every precaution toward avoiding an emergency situation; should an unavoidable loss occur, Bachly will respond immediately. Our one-step loss reporting system is available across Canada at 1-800-363-3473 or emergency@bachly.com.

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Building Your Business

In addition to restoring property, Bachly Construction is an experienced builder of large- and small-scale improvements, redesigns and renovations. We offer competitive pricing and have expertise in all areas of commercial construction, including.

tenant improvements
design-build Construction

ABOVE: This core revitalization of a complex retail property resulted in a bright, customer-friendly space of benefit to all tenants.

Working With Tenants

Bachly Construction is highly experienced in emergency response and restoration of properties where multiple tenants are affected, including high-rise, office and retail settings. Our personnel:

understand that being non-intrusive, discrete and keeping a low profile is at times important and necessary
ensure minimum disruption to other tenants
strictly follow all property and noise reduction guidelines
reduce business interruption by providing detailed explanations of the project to all parties
include a dedicated on-site project manager to coordinate trades and schedules, problem solve and always be available to clients
address all questions and concerns in a timely manner

One-Step Emergency Loss Intake

ALL LOSSES ACROSS CANADA are reported 24/7/365 to emergency@bachly.com or 1-800-363-FIRE (3473). Our one-step loss reporting system simplifies the process for our clients and partners.

When a loss is reported to our intake centre, we immediately mobilize our resources to that location.

We respond to every loss within 1 HOUR.

Our call intake services, available in English and French, connect our programs administrators and certified technicians with your company’s appointed contact. This ensures comprehensive dialogue with our experts so mitigation begins immediately with your first call to us.

Protocols & KPI’s

Key Performance Indicators

BACHLY CONSTRUCTION adheres to strict Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure specific timelines and progress goals within the loss process are achieved. We have developed and follow a very specific set of internal protocols that guarantee constant communication with all involved parties and ensure time frames are met in every project we undertake.

Planning & Prevention

Emergency preparedness is a crucial precaution for every business. Our certified experts:

  • work with you to develop an emergency plan that mitigates future risk of loss and, in the event of a peril, returns your business to pre-loss condition quickly
  • assess risk in collaboration with your risk management personnel to identify and address potential problems
  • develop a plan for immediate response and mitigation should a flood, fire or other type of damage occur
  • offer staff training regarding property risks, identification of emergencies, development of mitigation procedures, and general questions relating to loss
Innovation & Technology

We use the latest product innovations and technology to achieve the following advantages:

  • immediate uploading of critical information by our technicians to a portal accessible to all parties
  • acceleration of the mitigation and restoration processes thanks to real-time assessment and data collection, including cause of loss, images of damage and property sketches
  • generation of detailed and accurate on-site estimates within an hour, and immediate deployment of resources thanks to our cutting-edge software
  • prioritization of response occurs while data is being collected when multiple properties are affected
  • reduced timelines and business interruption, and increased transparency at every stage
Health & Safety

Health and safety are our top priorities in all aspects  of the restoration process. Our trained personnel:

  • inspect the site, and assess and investigate potential health risks to your property and employees
  • reduce health and safety risks when loss occurs with proper signage and containment of environmental and health hazards
  • ensure personal safety equipment is worn at all times
  • are fully accredited by Contractor Check, WSIB  & the Better Business Bureau
  • have upgraded health and safety credentials
Sustainability & the Environment

Reducing environmental impact is a priority.  Our environmental protection protocols include:

  • using locally sourced sustainable products whenever possible
  • choosing restoration methods that protect the environment
  • diverting waste from landfills by drying material in place, wherever possible, before removals. This saves time on repairs, achieves less business interruption, and is almost always the most  cost-effective method
  • complete safe removal of unsalvageable materials

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