Ontario experiences approximately 12 tornadoes a year between May and September1. Tornadoes can occur anywhere across the province but are most prominent in Thunder Bay and southern Ontario. In July 2021, a tornado struck the city of Barrie creating damages five kilometers long and up to 100 meters wide2. In addition, five additional weaker tornadoes (EF-2), stormed through Innisfil, Kawartha Lakes, Little Britain, Manilla, Lindsay, and Lake of Bays.


Tornadoes are unpredictable and can change direction without notice. For safety tips in the event of a tornado and what to watch out for, please visit the Government of Canada website. Continue reading below to learn the steps to prepare your home in the event of a tornado.


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Preparing for a Tornado

  1. Be sure to know and understand your home’s insurance policy. When disaster strikes, you’ll want to ensure what damages are covered as certain types can be excluded from a policy. If you are unsure, contact your insurance agent to review your policy.


  1. To see how your home withstands extreme weather conditions (i.e., high winds), you can get a home inspection. A structural engineer or home inspector will assess your home’s structure to better understand its durability in the event of a tornado. After an inspection, you can take the necessary steps to repair and upgrade your home accordingly.


  1. To further strengthen your home, you can consider:
  • Upgrading to hail-resistant shingles and hurricane shutters.
  • Remove any dead trees/bushes from your property.
  • Secure outdoor furniture that can be lifted in high winds.
  • Install backflow valves. This will aid in preventing your toilet from overflowing when floodwater enters your sewer system.


Resulting Damages

No matter the extent of damages, it’s always good to call your insurance agent as they will send out an adjuster to assess your home’s damages. This process can be beneficial as the adjuster may potentially find further damages and will advise you on the next steps to take.

Barrie neighborhood during torrential downpours after the July 15, 2021 tornado struck.

Photo provided by Barrietoday.com. Photographer: Kevin Lamb  Barrie neighborhood during torrential downpours after the July 15, 2021 tornado struck.


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*Please note it is nearly impossible to make a house tornado-proof. We recommend steps to help strengthen your home in case a tornado may strike. The steps above are simply suggestions, but these steps might not eliminate all damages from a tornado.


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