What better way to freshen up your home than with seasonal maintenance?  As we enter a new season, it’s always ideal to give your home a little TLC. Below are some tips to prepare your home for Spring!


Change your Filters

For optimal air quality, it’s best to change your HVAC filters every season, along with your hood range filter. Also, consider changing the filters in your water purification system. Depending on your water, this will not need to be done as frequently, but it’s always good to check. Welcome spring into your home with clean, fresh air, and well-maintained appliances!


Test Alarms

With a new season, use it as a reminder to test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If necessary, change your batteries. When alarms age, they tend to malfunction. So, if your alarm is over seven years old, consider replacing it. Nothing beats a safe home!


Wash Windows

From catching dust, dirt, and salt to keeping out cold air, your windows take a toll during the winter months.  Your spring cleaning should include washing your windows (inside and outside). You will be amazed at how much more light will enter your home!

Window Cleaning

Photo: www.wcmanet.org.


 Lawn Care

After being buried underneath the snow, you need to treat your lawn to “bring it back to life.” Rake away any leaves, branches, and debris that were stuck beneath the snow.

Once clear, you will want to aerate your lawn. This helps make your lawn lush and thick. For damaged and/or bare parts, use grass seeds and fertilizer.


Check HVAC Unit

Your heat has likely been going all winter long so you know if it is working or not. However, your AC has been on standby all winter and even though you won’t need it until the summer heat comes, checking it in the spring is always a good idea.


There are two major benefits of checking your AC Unit ahead of summer:

1.You will know before the first hot day of summer that your AC is working or not. If you test your AC on the first hot day of the summer and realize then that it isn’t working, you will have to go without it until it can be fixed. Which brings us to our second point.


2.HVAC Mechanics and Plumbers will be more readily available in the spring. One of the busiest times for these professionals is during the first hot week of the summer. This is because all the people who didn’t check their AC in the spring are all discovering their Air Conditioners are broken. By testing your home’s AC in the spring you are giving yourself time to fix it without waiting for a service call during the busiest time of the year.


Clean Dryer Vent

Many people don’t think to clean out their dryer vent. It’s not only ideal for saving money on your energy bill, but it can also save your home and life. When over clogged with lint, your dryer vent can start a fire.

Dryer vent cleaning. Photo: JodiJacobson/Getty Images.

How to Clean: disconnect your dryer from the power source and move away from the wall. Separate the vent from the dryer and clean both ends with your vacuum.