Now that summer is in full swing we are here to provide you with some outdoor design ideas for summer 2019! We have 5 design ideas you’ll want to incorporate into your next backyard makeover. Whether it is hosting large parties or spending quiet afternoons in the sun, we have something for everyone’s lifestyle!

*All photos used in this article are of previous Bachly Construction projects.*


Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaces are a must in any backyard oasis! Having an area to lounge around and be comfortable while enjoying the weather is an amenity anyone would love to have! Incorporating a living space into your backyard can be as easy as adding an outdoor couch or patio set. This creates an area to entertain a group or relax on a lazy Sunday. In the space above, the homeowners decided to add an outdoor area rug as well as custom lighting features.

Screened in porches are another great alternative to outdoor living spaces. If you live in a heavily forested area, bugs and wildlife can present issues when you’re considering a backyard design. Screened in porches provide you with the option to close off the space from curious critters while also allowing you to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine. Many screened in porch designs also have the option of opening up the screens whenever you desire. This allows you to choose when you want to close the space off and when you’d like to keep it open to the rest of your backyard.

If your backyard space allows it, you can also have multiple living spaces for various occasions or activities. Seen in the photo above, this backyard has sun loungers, an area with a couch and chairs as well as a formal dining area. This type of backyard design provides multi-purpose areas that can be used at any time.



Fireplace’s in backyards are great for evening or late night entertaining. They help to extend the time you can spend in your backyard earlier in the spring and later into the fall. When the afternoons and evenings begin to cool down you can start up the fire and enjoy time outdoors while still staying warm. Fireplaces also seem to encourage communal conversation. It offers an area for people to gather around to share and communicate with each other. This is great for intimate gatherings as well as larger group settings.

The fireplace above is incorporated into a living space to extend the longevity of the outdoor area. It adds a design feature that anchors the room, while also providing functionality. This space is essentially a complete family room that was created outdoors. It has a fireplace, television, couch as well as other seating options. The fireplace adds a sense of warmth and comfort to the room while also acting as a legitimate heat source.

Some of our homeowners prefer a fireplace that can be moved around their property to different areas, while others prefer to have it built into their outdoor living space. This preference is completely dependant on the person’s lifestyle and needs. There have been homeowners that enjoy having a fireplace so much, they will have one that can be moved around as well as one in their outdoor living area. Fireplaces ground people and act as a space that groups can gather around and converse.


Outdoor Kitchen & Bar

Outdoor kitchens are luxury in an outdoor living space. Many people don’t have the space for a bar or kitchen area, but if the space allows it, it’s a game changer. The convenience of having not only a bbq, but an outdoor kitchen fitted with a fridge, counter space, and additional appliances is unbeatable. In the photo above you can see that the kitchen and bar are in the same covered area as the seating, fireplace, and television. This allows everyone to convene in one central space.

The outdoor kitchen in this stunning outdoor oasis is located in the cabana to the side of the pool and spa. It provides easy access to food and drinks when the homeowners are enjoying the warm weather and pool. The space to the right of the bar and kitchen area is an outdoor dining area. Over the summer the homeowners can cook and eat all their meals poolside.

There is no limit on how many cooktops you can have in your outdoor kitchen! The BBQ master who owns the home featured above has a grill top, full BBQ as well as a smoker. Outdoor kitchens often offer the homeowners a space to experiment with design and amenities that they may not want to have in their main kitchen. We see much more rustic designs in outdoor kitchens that connect the space with the nature and landscape that surrounds it.


Inground Pools with a Twist

Inground pools have been a staple in any swoon-worthy backyard for decades now. What has changed over time is the features that can be incorporated into your inground swimming pool. The photo above shows a current machine that can be used to exercise, strengthen your swimming skills and also for physical therapy. There is a long list of benefits that come with installing a current machine in your pool. Many people don’t realize that this is an option for residential pools, thinking it is a massive expense, however, the machines have become very attainable in recent years. This type of addition to a swimming pool makes it not only a fun feature but also a practical feature.

For many of our homeowners, they do not simply want their pool to be a hole in the ground with water in it. They want it to act as a form of architectural design that can be showcased in their backyard at all times. The addition of intricate water features into pools is very common these days. The photo above not only has three water fountains but also a fire feature. This type of design creates an oasis that the entire backyard is centered around. Many people underestimate the power of great landscape architecture, but as you can see above, it has the ability to transform a backyard.

The pool above also features water fountains that add a spa-like feel to this backyard. The built-up rock walls create a beautiful backdrop for these two fountains. Not only are water features beautiful to look at, but they’re also beautiful to listen to. The relaxing atmosphere that the sound of water features create in an outdoor space is unbeatable.


A Little Something Extra…

This extraordinary outdoor space seen above is a custom piece we created for our homeowners and is definitely a standout! They requested a life-sized chess board with custom pieces that could withstand the weather. As you can see in the photo, this installment is a stunning feature as well as a functional area that provides entertainment. It’s definitely one of the most unique outdoors features we have constructed to date.

Another great additional element to an outdoor area is a water feature that is separate from a pool or spa. Water fountains and features act like a piece of artwork that can be displayed outside the home. The water feature seen above was the largest one we have ever installed. It wraps around 75% of the home’s exterior. In addition to adding aesthetic to the exterior, it can also be used as a wading pond. The soft sound of water flowing creates a calming trickle that can be heard from the homes numerous patios and decks.

Pool cabanas are a great way to add resourceful space to your backyard. They can be used in various ways based on your needs. Many people use them as an additional living space with a patio set or dining table. Others use them for storage space for pool accessories, towels, and patio furniture. Cabanas can also be used for a space to build an outdoor kitchen. The options are endless and can be customized to whatever the homeowner feels is most important for their lifestyle.


Whether you want to do a small facelift or a full outdoor renovation, these types of features in any outdoor space elevates the design and the function of your backyard. You can start off small by adding a new patio set or dining table and build on from there. Even small spaces can be transformed into an outdoor oasis to be enjoyed throughout the warmer months.