In the fifth installment of our Green Series blog, we are discussing the growing idea of Net Zero Homes!


What are Net Zero Homes?

Net Zero Homes produces as much energy as it generates. This means the net amount of energy it purchases from a hydro company is zero. It’s a relatively new idea that has been gaining momentum over the past few years.


What Makes a House Net Zero?

Several components make a home Net Zero. Below are some features that will make a house Net Zero or to help transform your current home to become Net Zero:

  • Renewable Generation – Solar Panels are the most affordable way to lower costs and generate energy
  • Efficient Water Management – Reduces use of hot water
  • Air Sealing / Added Insulation – Extra insulation aids to retain heat during the winter and keep the home cool in the summer
  • Energy Star Appliances – These will help to keep energy costs and usage down
  • Efficient Lighting – smart bulbs for low energy and high-quality lighting.
  • Passive Heating – when the home is oriented to take advantage of warmth and light from the sun

AI generated image of a net zero/sustainable home. Includes expansive windows and solar panels.

If you are looking to transform your current home, Canada has a Greener Home Grant where you can apply to receive funding to make your home Net Zero.


Why Should You Consider a Net Zero Home?

Net Zero homes are up to 80% more energy efficient than conventional homes1 and rely on renewable energy systems to produce the energy they need. The different parts of the home work together to provide consistent temperature, prevent drafts and filter indoor air to reduce allergens and dust. By converting your home to Net Zero, your house will have exceptional energy performance and ideal comfort. It will be a home at the forefront of sustainability, leading up to a better living experience.


Additional Benefits

  • Reducing the cost of your monthly bills.
  • More prepared in the wake of power outages and more resilient over the long term.
  • You will shrink your carbon footprint, aiding in the fight against climate change.
  • By improving your home’s performance, comfort, air quality and design, this can increase your home’s value.


As Custom Home & Cottage Builders, our team has the training and qualifications needed to build a Net Zero home. Contact us today for more information!


1. Statistic pulled from Canadian Home Builder’s Association website.