At Bachly we are proud to have built and achieved LEED Certification on some of our ICI builds. We continuously strive to design and build using strategies aimed at improving areas of human and environmental health.


What is LEED?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, better known as LEED is a green rating system used around the world for any and all buildings, communities and home-projects of all types.


LEED Certification is a verification that a building, home or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at achieving high performance in areas relating to environmental standards. The Canada Green Building Council (CGBC) offers certification for whole buildings and parts of a building system. The CGBC uses a rating system, and the more sustainable the different parts are, the more points the building can earn.


LEED Certification Rating System

There are a number of rating systems available for builders to meet the needs of different buildings and project types. There are four certifications that a building or project type can earn (Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum).


An image of the four different LEED Certifications. Platinum (80+ points earned), Gold (60-79 points earned), Silver (50-59 points earned) and Certified (40-49 points earned)

The photo above is from the US Green Building Council website.


The system is made up of various credits (optional elements projects can elect to gain more points for LEED Certification) and prerequisites (required elements that much be included in the LEED project).  


Different credit categories you can earn points in:

Integrative Processes Materials & Resources
Location & Transportation Indoor Environmental Quality
Sustainable Sites Innovation
Water Efficiency Regional Priority
Energy & Atmosphere


Bachly’s LEED Certified Buildings

Over the years Bachly is proud to have achieved LEED Certified for many of our ICI builds. This includes: Shopper’s Drug Mart, CIBC, RBC and a medical office in the First Capital Plaza in Milton; LCBO in Olde Oakville Marketplace; LA Fitness in Rutherford’s Marketplace in Vaughan; and two Canadian Tires’ in Bowmanville and Oakville.

A fout sqaure collage of an LA Fitness, Canadian Tire, LCBO and a CIBC. These are all built by Bachly Construction and achieved LEED CertificationLearn more about our ICI builds by checking out our portfolio.

Why we build LEED Certified

Buildings within our cities can have a substantial impact on Canada’s environmental goals. Buildings generate almost 30% of all greenhouse gases, 35% of landfill waste comes from construction and demolition activities, and up to 70% of municipal waste is consumed (statistics provided by CGBC website).


As ICI builders, we know the importance of doing our part to support both Ontario and Canada’s environmental efforts. We aim to design LEED Certified buildings to reduce our carbon footprint within the construction industry. By doing our part, we know we are making a positive impact to create a healthier and cooler planet for future generations.