Aftermath of a restaurant that sustained fire damage


Natural disasters, uncontrollable fires, and water damage can impact both your property and business needs. Are you prepared for the unforeseen? From minor setbacks to major catastrophes, these events demand thorough preparation and swift action. Let’s explore the top three challenges commercial properties often encounter.

Challenges commercial properties encounter during a devastating loss

Maintaining Business Operations

Following a catastrophic loss, maintaining business operations can be extremely challenging. The loss of revenue due to closures, reduced productivity or supply chain disruptions can have a significant impact on the financial health of the commercial property and its tenant/landlord.

Property Damage & Restoration Costs

When a loss occurs, often there is property damage. This can include structural damage, equipment failure, and inventory loss. The cost and time required to repair or replace damaged property can be substantial, affecting the property’s functionality. As a general contractor specializing in large and complex losses, we ensure our rates adhere to industry standards. Offering top quality service while offering competitive pricing.

Regulatory Compliance and Legal Issues

When a loss occurs, it can pose challenges related to regulatory compliance, building codes, safety standards, and environmental regulations. Following the loss, commercial properties will need to carry out inspections, and necessary remediation efforts to ensure compliance and avoid potential liabilities.  At Bachly we work with our commercial clients, their tenants, and their insurers to ensure proper mitigation efforts and create a plan to restore the property to pre-loss conditions.

Importance of a Restoration Plan

With many challenges posed by commercial properties in the event of a loss, it is recommended that these properties have a restoration plan in place. At Bachly we work with our commercial clients to create a restoration plan to minimize downtime and ensure safety and compliance. We have a dedicated team assigned to every file to ensure our clients have a main point of contact to streamline communication and coordinate the restoration process. Upon the initial call following a loss, we quickly mobilize a team to mitigate the loss. Prompt responses can help prevent secondary damage such as mold growth. Our plans provide our clients with a roadmap for effective response and recovery.

Photo: Water infiltration of carpeted flooring in Lindt office.

From keeping operations running during closures and disruptions to dealing with the complexities of restoring damaged property, commercial properties encounter distinct challenges that can hinder their business operations. Top of Form. However, having a well-crafted restoration plan in place is essential in navigating the restoration process.

At Bachly, we recognize the critical importance of proactive planning and swift action. By collaborating closely with our commercial clients, we tailor each plan aimed at minimizing downtime, ensuring safety, and achieving regulatory compliance to restore business operations. With a dedicated team poised to swiftly mobilize and mitigate losses, we provide our clients with the peace of mind and roadmap necessary for effective response and recovery in the face of adversity.