Our homeowners experienced a devastating whole home fire loss in 2019. Almost all of their possessions were either destroyed or damaged, along with the majority of their family home in Mississauga, ON. After their insurance company processed the loss, our team was called on site to begin the extensive restoration efforts.

We began with demoing all of the existing material that could not be salvaged including, insulation, damaged framing, electrical and plumbing/HVAC systems, as well as most of the exterior cladding and brickwork. The home was gutted to the studs on both the interior and exterior.

As you can only imagine, this is a tragic experience for a family to go through. Our team was determined to give our homeowners the opportunity to love their home again. We didn’t want it to remind them of only tragedy, but also of redemption and happiness. The road to rebuild began!

Our team began replacing the exterior windows, masonry and cladding. This was first on the agenda so that the home was sheltered from outside damages before extensive interior work began. The original main level floor plan was altered to give our clients a more updated open concept layout. This included opening up the original kitchen framing and keeping the living space and kitchen area free flowing. What a difference it made! Our homeowner’s kitchen is now significantly larger and more open to the rest of the house, encouraging communal function on a day-to-day basis.


The finishes in the kitchen are top-of-the-line and absolutely stunning! Our clients took this opportunity to upgrade some aspects of their home design for an additional cost. We love when our homeowners have a specific design style and look in mind. We were able to bring their dream kitchen to life! This space will now serve them much more function, as well as beauty. We are thrilled with how this space turned out.

The basement is where the fire first started. Our clients were having plumbing work done, when an open flame caught to other material, spreading rapidly. We were able to rebuild a fully finished, warm and functional living space for their family. Not only does it have a better floorplan for their lifestyle, but also brand-new finishes and fixtures that elevate the overall look and feel.

The office was an incredible transformation to see, as the home previously had this space open to the second level. We were able to close it off from the second level to give them a functional office space that fits their needs much more suitably than an open sitting room would. This is a perfect example to our team working closely with our clients to provide them with not only a newly finished home, but a home that directly align with their needs and wants.

The second level of the home saw amazing improvements as well. On our way up the stairs, we see the stunning stone feature wall. It is a beautiful design statement we were so happy we could provide our homeowners!

Once up the stairs, you see we were able to add on an additional bedroom over the front office on the main level. This added more space and better use of a large area.

The bathrooms were updated with beautiful vanities, fixtures and material selections. The shared bathroom is large and spacious, with a smart layout to optimize functionality for those who use it daily. A window brings in so much natural light and brightness.

Moving onto the primary suite, we see that the bedroom area is spacious and bright. Our homeowners will have plenty of space to make this room their own little oasis. The walk-in closet is just around the corner and provides not only incredible storage space and a smart layout for our client’s daily use. It also is a stunning feature of the overall design of the home! The light fixture makes the space feel modern and high end. The cabinets and closet space was custom designed to fit the space and maximize usage in all areas.

Through the gorgeous walk-in closet, we reach the primary en-suite. This space is bright, calming, and luxurious! The walk-in shower with stone tile makes it feel like it is a 5 star hotel spa. We love the fixtures that our homeowners picked for this space. They deserve an en-suite that makes them feel relaxed and pampered on a daily basis. The double vanity provides ample storage space, and the double sinks adds convivence for both of our homeowners. We couldn’t be more thrilled with how this turned out for them!

What our homeowners experience before we begin our journey with them is unimaginably tragic. What our team aims to do is rebuild our client’s homes so that they can once again love it and feel safe and secure. Uprooting your entire life because of a large loss, losing most of your possessions and not having a place to call home for long periods of time is devastating. We want to return the keys to our homeowners so they can open up the door to not only their brand-new home, but also a new chapter of their lives that provides them happiness and security. We’re so thankful we were able to do just that for this beautiful family.