We would like to give this month’s employee spotlight to Patty Grainger. Patty has been a part of the Bachly team for 13 years. She is the production manager for Bachly’s Emergency Services (BES) division. BES works hand in hand with our Restoration Division where they go and mitigate emergency responses in both residential and business sectors.


Beginning her Bachly Career

Patty first joined the Bachly team as a coordinator in the emergency services division, assisting with job scheduling. After showing her dedication and hard work to the division, Patty was promoted to a production manager, expanding her role into job scheduling, overseeing the day-to-day operations of road staff, content processing and liaising with our restoration team on inter-office projects.


An image of Bachly's Employee Spotlight, Patty Grainger. She is pictured in her office on her computer.

Patty Grainger, Production Manager at Bachly Construction

“As the production manager for the BES division, I love the entire team I manage and work with. They give their all, day in and day out. I just have so much gratification being part of a team that takes so much pride in their work. They tackle tough projects, with a common goal of high quality and ensuring a personal touch on each job.” – Patty Grainger on her role as a production manager.

Life at Bachly

Though Patty feels her work is rewarding, it also poses many challenges that she has learned to navigate and overcome. Adapting her daily operations to accommodate a new claim, large or small, can be challenging, however the BES team is well-equipped to respond with poise. More importantly, each new claim has a client on the other end with a high stress and often overwhelming situation of their own. This can be challenging, but also one of Patty’s favorite aspects of the job is getting to know the clients and work with them through these stressful situations.


Since working at Bachly, Patty has many proud moments. But if she has to choose one it’s being able to see the growth of the company in all divisions. Patty explains that “it’s a great feeling to see the Bachly logo on a large construction site outside of the GTA and think “Hey, I’m part of the team that built that!””


Patty describes Bachly as being rewarding, engaging and showcasing quality of work. Patty loves how Bachly is a team environment and comradery throughout all our divisions. The numerous company events aid in bringing together the entire team where the staff can get to know one another on a more personal level.


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