Drones are improving the construction industry from all angles – residential construction, commercial construction, and property restoration services. Improved flight control and image capturing capabilities are making it easier to customize building projects to meet client needs, and communicate pertinent information among construction crews.

Photo credit: Don McCullough via Flickr

1. Design

Commercial builds and custom home projects begin with design. Contractors work with the property’s landscape to create a design that fulfils the client’s needs. Drones can improve this process by capturing raw aerial footage of the landscape. The images captured can be processed to create a virtual 3D landscape. From there, companies can design 3D renderings of a project that work with the natural landscape. Clients are presented with a realistic prototype and can visualize their dream property.

2. Documentation

Drones can assist the documentation of a project’s progression. Contractors can use a drone to capture the progress of a site at a particular moment. Not only does this screen for potential hazards, it improves communication between the contractor and client. Clients can view an overhead shot during any stage of construction.

3. Inspections

Drones can assist property restoration teams perform inspections by generating images of areas that are nearly inaccessible. Drones can survey an area devastated by a natural disaster, such as a fire, flood, or tornado, faster and at a safer distance than restoration crews on foot. As a result, drones could shorten inspection times and the claims process.

4. Marketing

Finally, drones make it easier to market building projects. Companies can showcase the quality of their builds from an overhead perspective. Additionally, long distance clients, unable to visit the construction site, can see their property in its entirety from the drone’s perspective. Clients like to see the big picture – the whole property, with all the amenities. A drone’s vantage point is unbeatable and can give the client a feel for the property’s character.

Bachly Construction’s Commercial Division built the Longo’s, BMO, Kids & Co, and the strip mall along the side.