Why Oakville?

Not only does Bachly Construction have an office in Oakville, Ontario, but many of our custom built homes and renovations are located in Oakville as well. Oakville presents substantial building opportunities for our clients who are looking to live in a growing community with plenty of potential in or around the GTA. Founded in 1857, Oakville has multiple historical hubs with Victorian characteristics that presents prime real estate for people who are looking to renovate, but still love old charm. There are smaller out-of-date homes on large lots that provide buyers space to demolish and build from the ground up. In addition to these building options, there’s also room to grow. The area still has lots of open landscape that provides opportunities for our clients who are looking for empty lots to custom build their dream home.

What Oakville Has to Offer

1. Lakeshore Attractions – Our closest neighbour is Lake Ontario. Beautiful harbours and lakefront views offer the residents with a variety of ways to get out on the water and enjoy the outdoors. The waterfront also hosts many different festivals and events in the summer time that attract people from all over the Greater Toronto Area.
2. Parks and Rec – With over 1,400 parks, this area is great for young and growing families.The town offers countless hiking trails, splash pads, recreational centers, sports fields and more! There are also a hand full of high-end public and private golf courses.
3. Expanding Local Businesses – With a number of different business districts, there are opportunities for local employers to open shop. The city has a population of 180,000 people, but its roots are in small town values. People support local businesses enabling them to flourish within the community.
4. Rich History – As mentioned above, Oakville has plenty of heritage. The town continues to restore and sustain the historic buildings and architecture. The museum at Erchless Estate is constantly bringing in new exhibits and highlights the communities own history.

As you can see, there is a variety of different styles of homes that we have worked on. Some are more traditional with symmetrical facades, peaked roofs, red brick and shutters. These homes fit in with the historical characteristics of the town and suit the landscapes pleasantly. While traditional homes are common to see in Oakville, the area is also a popular neighborhood for contemporary, state-of-the-art architecture. The larger properties allow plenty of room to build a modern home that has elongated elevations, flat, stacked roofs with enough of room for lush landscapes. Our clients love that when it comes to the design of their home, Oakville is an open book. Driving through the streets you will see homes varying from Spanish Colonial to Mid-Century Modern, to Cape Cod inspired. This rich diversity of architecture provides our clients a blank slate to build whatever style of home they desire, without having to worry about fitting into a certain model of composition.