Our head office in Bolton is equipped with a variety of different office and storage spaces that utilizes new technology and innovation for our insurer partners and policyholders. The total square footage of the building is over 50,000, however, within that space, we use more than 20,000 square feet for storage and processing.  This space is a climate controlled, video monitored & finger access secured content storage and processing facility for our Bachly Emergency Services and Restoration division.

This warehouse space allows us the ability to store our client’s belongings securely on-site. This ensures that our team handles the contents during each phase of the process from removal, to processing and restoring, and finally returning items back our client’s homes.

Our inventory tracking system, Encircle tracks and lists all contents in an organized, detailed & thorough manner that is updated at each stage of the content processing journey. Our team can perform many of the cleaning and content restoring procedures on-site with the various machines we have in-house including:

  • Drying Chamber – it utilizes recycled heat from our water heating system
  • Deodorization Room equipped with a variety of technologies: ozone, hydroxyl, vapour and odor counteractant
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning System
  • Commercial Laundry Machines
  • Sports Equipment Washing Machines
  • Media Blasting Machines: dry ice and soda blasting



These on-site machines enable our team of professionals the ability to process and clean contents without having to send them off to a third part facility. This guarantees that the upmost care and safety is maintained throughout the entire process. It also eliminates the extra step of shipping items off site, which leave more room for error and could result in damages or other issues that would be out of our control.

Our Restoration clients have been through traumatic situations before we come on the scene.  It is our responsibility to make the journey a little less stressful with having the systems and cleaning procedures in place to return items that are properly restored and safe to use

We take so much pride in the work we do and want to provide the highest level of services. If you are ever in the Bolton industrial area, you’ll surely see our big, bright and shiny building (it’s hard to miss)!