Pricing Model

Every homeowner’s vision of their dream home is unique to their taste and style. At Bachly Construction, we believe in order to deliver a truly custom project our clients must drive the decision making throughout the entire building process. Our Client Driven Model ensures complete transparency and flexibility in all aspects of your project. We build YOUR dream home on YOUR terms with superior building standards.

Building Custom

In the world of luxury Custom Homes & Renovations, options are limitless. Complete customization allows for flexibility when  determining the projects budget and design goals. Our clients can rely on our 60 years of knowledge and expertise to provide options that suit both the budget and vision of the project.

Full Transparency

Transparency is a fundamental component to our Client Driven model. Our client’s see where every dollar is spent during the building process. Together, we review all trade quotes, only issuing purchase orders upon approval from our client.

These purchase orders act as a contract between ourselves and the subcontractors, protecting our clients from inflating costs. Contractor fees are immediately disclosed ensuring there are no hidden costs that will appear at the end of the project. We provide monthly budget reviews to inform our client of total costs to-date.

The “Contingency”

In other pricing models, contractors build in a contingency price in case unexpected costs arise.

In most cases the unused contingency is never returned to the client. With our Client Driven Model we advise our clients prior to project commencement that unexpected roadblocks and costs could potentially occur.

If this happens, we coordinate a complete review outlining course of action and associated costs to resolve the situation. Our clients only pay for what is required, NOT the “What-ifs”.

Trusted Trades & Suppliers

Since 1962, we have developed a diverse and loyal trade base. The relationships with our trusted trades allow us to rely on competitive pricing, ensuring our clients receive the best possible price. Vendor discounts are always passed along to our clients. Quality of Workmanship is our primary focus, rather than cutting costs. Our trade base has been designed to ensure that Award-Winning quality is accomplished on every Bachly project.