The Bachly employee spotlight is shining on Matt Messmer! Matt’s been with the Bachly team for the past 17 years and is the Vice President of Emergency Services. Beginning his Bachly career as a laborer in the summer of 2004, Matt chose to onboard full-time with our organization in April 2005.


Career Growth

Matt’s responsibility as a laborer included demolitions, extractions, setting up drying equipment, content manipulation, and more. Upon receiving his IICRC certifications, Matt transitioned to a technician within our Emergency Services division before quickly moving into a supervisor role. In 2010, Matt was promoted to Estimating Manager for our Emergency Services. After proving his skills and abilities Matt was promoted to General Manager in 2014. Through his hard work and dedication to Bachly and its clients, Matt became our Vice President of Emergency Services in 2017. This was one of Matt’s proudest moments as he was entrusted to be the eventual successor to our longtime Vice President Gary Snoddon, Matt’s personal mentor who was approaching retirement.

Matt Messmer, Bachly's Employee Spotlight, standing in an office with his arms crossed, wearing a black Bachly polo.


A Day in the life of Matt

As the VP, Matt oversees the development and implementation of policies and procedures. He assists with staff management from interviewing and onboarding to training and discipline. As the vice president, Matt’s role comes with financial management. This includes reviewing payroll, job costs, revenue, and profitability. Matt also manages the large and complex losses and all major clients within our Emergency Services Division.


Life At Bachly

Working for Bachly’s Emergency Services can be quite rewarding for Matt. His favorite part is having the opportunity of being the primary point of contact for clients in distress experiencing a property loss. It’s most rewarding when he validates our client’s concerns while also bringing comfort to them by demonstrating that their claim is being looked after by knowledgeable and compassionate professionals.

Though his job can be rewarding, Matt’s role comes with its challenges. It can be difficult to determine the best allocation of resources. Matt always needs to be strategic in order to maximize productivity on the job. Quantifying large and complex losses is seemingly challenging as there are many factors to be considered when assessing the damages.


Three words to describe Bachly: Family, Fun, Service.


“The team at Bachly exudes a family feel. It’s truly amazing to be part of this roster of rockstars working towards a common goal while providing exemplary service.”– Matt Messmer, Vice President of Emergency Services.