Luxury Home & Cottage Builder 

For more than 55 years Bachly Construction has been at the forefront of luxury-home design innovation. Oakville luxury home and cottage builder.

We bring an exceptional level of professionalism and commitment to each and every Bachly custom home we build.  Our portfolio is diverse, whether it’s West Coast contemporary or Georgian Classic, we cater to it all. We are leaders in the Luxury Home and Cottage industry throughout all Southern Ontario. Oakville luxury home and cottage builder.

At Bachly Construction, we understand the importance of the role that the owner has in the construction process. We take the building of each home personal, like it was our own. Each client and home offers various opportunities, constraints and dreams. This is why at Bachly, we consider the client’s contribution to the overall project a valuable asset. We want to ensure that your home is custom built to your individual taste. Oakville luxury home and cottage builder. 

Every homeowner’s wish list and desires are unique to their own style and that’s what we love. We’re motivated by exploring and evolving new design concepts that break barriers in the construction industry. At the same time, we respect traditional practices that have stood the test of time. Whichever your preference, we’re here to build you a luxury home and cottage that’s custom designed for your lifestyle. Oakville luxury home and cottage builder

Whether it is making upgrades to your existing home or building from the ground up, Bachly Construction wants to help you take the first step toward building your custom dream home. Oakville luxury home and cottage builder.

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