Residential & Hi-Rise Restoration – Restoring Peace of Mind…

At Bachly Construction we realize pipes will burst, fires will ignite, natural disasters and catastrophic events will occur.  It is the hours following these perils that are the most important.  It is our policy to respond to these emergency situations immediately to mitigate the loss as quickly and efficiently as possible.   This will prevent any further damages from occurring.

It is our promise to respond to an emergency situation within ONE HOUR of receiving notification.

Flood-damaged living room.Living Room

These unpredictable events can be extremely disruptive and upsetting for any individual or family going through a claim or loss situation.  Throughout the process it is our responsibility to provide the best possible customer service from the moment a loss occurs to when the customer signs the certificate of satisfaction for all work completed by Bachly Construction.

We believe that communication with all parties involved is key for a smooth claims process.   Explanation and clarification of what is expected of Bachly Construction throughout the emergency and restoration process will avoid confusion and give the insured an understanding of what to expect.

All repairs are monitored by highly experienced Project Managers whose function is to ensure that all work is completed as specified and within the time frame as agreed upon at the outset.  Our trades are skilled experts in their respective fields and are specifically trained with respect to insurance restoration procedures.