Bachly Construction & Holmes Approved Homes

Letter of Support

A Message from MIKE HOLMES, Canada’s Most Trusted Contractor

I’m proud to welcome Bachly Construction into the Holmes Approved Homes family. Why? Because they’re a family business, and they know what it means to stand behind your name on everything you do, especially when it comes to building someone’s home.

What I first liked about Bachly was their commitment to building right. Yes, their homes are spectacular; yes, their homes look good; yes, they go above and beyond every standard when it comes to design, finishes and service. But what’s behind everything supporting it all? Proper construction.

Bachly Construction doesn’t just build the ultimate in luxury homes and cottages—they’re also an emergency and restoration company. That tells me they have top experience in knowing what can go wrong in a home.

Bachly Construction built their reputation by building right, making the proper fixes, and making sure that what they do protects every home they work on— that’s their foundation. But they also build some of the most beautiful cottages I’ve ever seen, and custom homes that go beyond clients’ expectations. And now as a Holmes Approved Builder, you get proof of the real value of your home.

When you choose a Holmes Approved Bachly Home, you are hiring my inspectors to come in and examine your house from start to finish. They document everything they see so you can focus on creating a home that’s perfect for you and your family—we make sure it’s built right.

Peace of mind is what we’re about. Building right is what we’re about. Giving you a home that is healthy, strong, protected, and that looks good, too—this is what we’re about.

Do you really get what you give? I believe it. And together, Bachly Construction and I are setting a new standard that’s taking residential construction to the next level—and it starts with your home.

Mike Holmes
President, The Holmes Group